My eyes have seen the world through many crystals and my mind has come in contact with many ideas. At the end, I discovered that we are only what we are in this ephemeral space where we live, squeezed more every day because of nationalism and borders created to limit our human potentials.

We are here on this planet and we live enclosed in our fears and our intolerances all the time.

Then they come.  Them, thieves of our wealth our poverty usufruct, they keep us enmity between each other, to themselves preserve their future and their small community. Because ultimately it is the sense of their ambitions. They have destroyed our planet and its inhabitants more humble ... to last, at what cost? any cost. They think the others (we the people) are expendables.

The billionaires who run the fate of humanity did not care yesterday, they do not care today and will don’t care tomorrow. The suffering of others it does not issue in their agendas. The cry of those who pay the costs of their ambitions and madness is not their problem. They are here for power and control, our destinations wherever that means don’t care them. the worst thing is; we are aware victims of this ambition and every time even we applaud it, we celebrate they squeezing us.

But today, I wake, I plead my self-earthman, inhabitant of this planet. this planet is my country, is my land. this planet is anyone’s private property and it belongs to us all. I have a little to contribute through my simple ideas. and all I  can say you are: "wake up, open your eyes and see your self as the beneficiary of this land, this planet needs you now. if you do not wake up, no one will do for you. nobody will be interested in wake up you, nobody will raise his hand to keep you humble, nobody will avoid that they outrage you, that you live in the street, be hungry, that you do not have right to health, a housing, the benefits of natural resources in the place where you live, a real education (not alienating media), dreams of being happy (that means without any harm others). If you don’t wake up, you will be remain dropped as the hero of the picture that heads this page.

I am a Painter. I am a Poet. I am a Musician Songwriter. I am a Sculptor. I am a Construction Worker.  I am Mounthzer and I am awake. I invite you to awaken.


     welcome to my world